Listen Video - Youtube™ Music Player

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We all love music and use Youtube or Spotify to listen our favorites or find new ones.
Listen Video - Youtube™ Music Player
What if we say, you can listen music with Spotify tools but Youtube archive for free! Yes, we really combined these two great inventions.
"Syotify"s second letter specifies Youtube's archive, rest of the word recalls Spotify.
Youtube have millions of music videos even Spotify doesn't have in its archive. But Spotify got superb tools to follow new music or create playlist or listen an artists radio. Syotify gives you ability to do all of these.
If you register you can easily create playlists, share them with your friends, invite others follow and discover new music. With this great Chrome app, you can seperate Syotify from Chrome and listen free music anytime you want. Just add it to your Chrome and pin to your bar and that's it!
So, what are you waiting for? Install now and listen the best free music right now!